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4 Things to Know About Your Project Before Hiring a Graphic Designer

So you have decided to hire a designer for your project. Now what?

Before contacting your designer there are some things they will need to know about your project. If you have this information on hand, it will help them provide you with an accurate timely quote.

1. Scope of the project

I The scope of a project is basically defining the goals and deliverables of a project. Some things to think about when determining the scope of your project are:

What item(s) are we designing?

Will it need printed or do you just need digital files?

Do you have all assets needed or do you need assets created/sources?

Will you need copy/content provided?

2. Timeline

Normally, a designer can give you an idea of their standard timeline, but it is important to let them know up front if you have a set deadline that you have to meet. Most designers will do their best to accommodate a given timeline, but if you are in need of a quick turnaround, be prepared that some designers can charge extra for the rush service.

3. Inspiration and Ideas

Most times a designer will ask questions or you fill out a questionnaire to get a feel for what design style you are looking for. Be ready to provide information and examples of thinks you like/dislike or items you would like included in your design.

4. Budget

Although you don't have to have an exact number in mind, it is good to have an idea of what you are willing to pay for your project. This will help your designer provide you with options to fit (or come close) to your budget.


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