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4 Tips For Successful Branding

When doing brand research for your business, it can be really tough to decipher what is good branding and what is bad branding. Every brand is different (or they should be) and because of that, there is no definitive right way to brand your company. There are, however, some things that all brands should do no matter what the brand looks like.

Let's talk about 4 things a successful brand should do

1. Be Consistent

A brand is more than a logo. A brand is all encompassing of the way your company shows up to the public. This includes logos, fonts, colors, messaging, and values. All the aspects of your brand should be consistent on all of your media. From marketing to social posts, if you are consistent, it will help you develop a recognizable, relatable, trustworthy brand.

2. Be Unique

Being unique will help your brand stand out from all the rest. Highlight what makes you different and what may attract customers to your brand over a similar one. Being unique will help you attract the right customer and help your brand be recognizable to the public.

3. Speak to the Target Audience

Who is your target audience? If you are selling power tools, your audience will look much different than if you are selling makeup. Likewise, the way you talk to a 45 year old man will be different than how you talk to a 23 year old female. Identify your audience and develop messaging that they will connect with.

4. Provide Value

Put out content that provides value to your audience. If you are selling power tools, share building plans, projects and more. If you are selling makeup you can share tutorials, and trends that your audience may find valuable. Providing value to your audience will keep them coming back.

Your branding should make it clear what you do, what differentiates you from competitors, who you serve, and the values you hold, in every touch point with your audience.



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